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Bonab Company was found in 2002 in UAE; by the investment of Mellisakhteman and Italian WTD which has the most developed technology in seawater desalination.


  • Commendation Board for development of public relations activities and participate in seventh festival for selection of best public relation in audio and visual activities branch

  • Imam Khomeini Airport letter of admiration

  • Commendation board for construction of Mollasadra Dam & Plant

  • Commendation board for the plan of development of Bojnord Cement

  • Commendation board for construction of  Taham Dam

  • ISO 9001-2008Certificate from IMQ Company from Italy

  • ICCE 2003 Certificate form international civil engineering conference

  • Commendation Board from Forth IRAN Hydraulic Conference

  • Commendation Board from sixth Tunnel conference


Garin Reservoir Dam   Construction of Emarat Dam and Installation

introduction:This project is located 20 kilometers far from Nahavand city in Hamadan province.This dam is the most gigantic reservoir dam in west  of Iran and central part of the country that is construction with 878 billion IRR as base contractual amount during 72 months is awarded to Mellisakhteman Company.

Client : Hamadan Regional Water Company

Consult :Mahab Ghods Consulting Engineers
Plant general specification: 

  • Total volume of the dam body:5.7 million cubic meters
  • volume of central core of dam :0.5million cubic meters
  • volume of rock filling: 4.25million cubic meters
  • Total volume of concerting:44.332 million cubic meters



introduction:This project is located 170 kilometers far from Ardebil and 100 kilometers distanced from Parsabad Moghan in Moradlo Ghara-Aghaj district near Emarat village .Avoiding withdrawal of 210 million cubic meters of Dare - rood river, supply of potable water, land development of Moghan Plain with area of 23.000 hectares, organizing nomads of Moghan district , reduction of migration by providing job opportunities and to meet the environmental needs are main goals of this project. Execution period of this project is 48 months and the contract value is 839 billion.

Client : Hamadan Regional Water Company

Consult : Mahab Ghods Consulting Engineers


Plant general specification:

  • Type of the dam: gravel with clay core intermediate impermeability
  • height of dam: 90 meters above the bed and 110meters above foundation
  • Bed and crown levels:435and 525 meters above sea level
  • volume of body embarkment:4.8million cubic meters
  • Discharge capacity:4.700 cubic meters per second
  • Diversion system: two tunnels with the length of 640 and 632 meters